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Threeclops Mask Making Workshop

  • Art
  • Saturday 18 May, 3:00pm
  • Free

This Mask Making Workshop enables children to use their expression of creativity at the same time that submerges them in the universe of ‘The Threeclos Invasion’. Without a doubt, children love using colourful pens, feathers, themed stickers, glitter glue and more which are a hand’s grasp away. This workshop is a must! Up to 12 participants. Suitable for 6-10 year old.
Please be aware parents need to stay in Copper Beech Café for the duration of the workshop for security reasons.
Advance booking essential.

Also Saturday 11 May @ 3

BIO: Cristina Mufer is a graphic artist with extensive experience in the field of design and illustration. From her current headquarters in London, she continues developing her career in digital illustration, with a portfolio full of dreamlike patterns and surreal illustrations.

Copper Beech Café, Red Post Hill, London, SE24 9JN
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  • Ticket: FREE
  • Art
  • Sat, 18 May 2019 15:00
  • Copper Beech Café, Red Post Hill, London, SE24 9JN