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April 20, 2016

On Sunday 15th May, Dulwich Park will play host to a piece of interactive outdoor theatre when Dulwich residents will be called upon to help young time traveller Myrtle West get back to the present day! The event is free to attend and part of the Dulwich Park Fair.

 While on a routine test, Myrtle West, the well-known botanist and adventurer, has become unstuck in time. We reached deep into her time loop to speak to her as she courses through Dulwich’s history without any control…

Hi Myrtle, would you like to introduce yourself to us?

 Surely you’ve read my books? Yes, I am THAT Myrtle West – leading botanist and adventurer. People are often surprised I do both. What about Indiana Jones? He was an archeologist for crying out loud, didn’t stop him gallivanting about with Nazis and the like. See, The world is full of the most fascinating and wondrous examples of plant life, and the more exotic the plant, the more exotic the location. So I’m forever plunging deep in the amazon or the Appalachian Mountains searching for the next undiscovered leaf formation.

 My work has won me a not-inconsiderable number of awards. Scientific discovery and human advancement is not about personal achievement however so I won’t go on about my Nobel Prizes, nor my Hubbards, nor my Darwins, nor my… Sorry, where were we?

 How long have you lived in Dulwich?

 I’m the first of 5 children. Mother brought us over from Jamaica when I was 2. Mother often comments on how much the area has changed since the 70’s. She once missed the last train from London bridge and every taxi refused to take her back to East Dulwich. How things have changed!

When Endless Horizons Ltd asked me to act as a spokesperson for their new time-travel holidays I was, of course, keen to add another ‘first’ to my Wikipedia page. But when they informed me that Dulwich would be the testing ground I positively leapt at the opportunity. I couldn’t wait to witness first hand my dear Dully’s rich and fascinating history.

Time Travel is a tricky science, what’s it like to become ‘unstuck’ in time? For the uninitiated, help us out, what does that mean?

As you know, I was the first person to explore the Marianas Trench. Much of my exploration was by foot, wearing a high-tech diving bell tethered to my submarine by a long tube. This tube acted as a ‘lifeline’, supplying my oxygen and acting as a guide back to base. I liken being un-stuck in time as having that lifeline severed. 

I can still breathe (fortunately) but I have nothing to guide me back to where I left (2016). No route home. I’m fixed geographically in Dulwich, but time keeps changing all around me. One second I’m eating dinner with a Victorian, the next I’m dinner for a dinosaur. It’s exhausting!

Much of life is about taking on whatever new challenges you are offered, but it’s getting a little ridiculous now.

How can we help you get back to present day Dulwich?

Reports from the future (your present) are that my interfering with Dulwich’s history is leaving some Chrono-Shifts in various locations I’m passing through. I’ve been assured everything is being done to record these anomalies and there will be a call out shortly to help connect the locations and gather further information. I plan to use these as a method for communicating the exact nature of the time loop I am trapped in. If anyone out there is half as clever as I am, they should be able to solve my clues and bring me home!

I’ve been told that EVERYONE should head to from May 6th to find out how they can get me back to the present.  Apparently, all you need is comfortable footwear and a mobile phone.

Do hurry Dulwich! My life is in your hands!