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Acme Studios

  • 12-13 May & 19-20 May

Martin Grover

Finely painted larger-than-life portraits of old vinyl albums and singles nestle neatly alongside enigmatic illustrations and prints, whilst Martin’s personalised sculptures of London bus stops offer a humorous alternative to the real thing.

Gill Capewell

History, conflict and ruination are recurring themes in Gill Capewell’s work. Various motifs are used and recycled and are drawn from personal experience, history and reportage, found images or personal or found objects. Showing 12-13 May only.

Yair Meshoulam

Yair Meshoulam (MA RCA) is showing paintings, drawings, silkscreen prints and etchings for a book on the theme of ‘Cosmos & Chaos’ prior to an exhibition at the Baku Gallery, Berlin.

Jane Millar

New wall-based ceramic sculptures by Jane Millar explore multiple forms – planets, speech bubbles, balloons and meteors. Recent shows include the Creekside Open 2017, Small World at PS Mirabel, Manchester, and The Discerning Eye 2017.

Mary Rodriguez

Mary uses mixed media to explore imagery and ideas around internal and external landscapes and figures, and is showing recent paintings, collages, prints and large format drawings.