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Emily Jo Gibbs, Jo Le Gleud & Beatrice Mayfield

  • 12-13 May & 19-20 May

Emily is showing a series of her exquisite hand-stitched appliqués. Her work has evolved over the past few years from portraits to still lifes, and her latest endeavour, makers’ tools. Commissions welcome.

Jo is showing new textile work curated for interiors. Inspired by a vintage fragment, the eye and skill of an embroiderer, a passion for craft and making, and bold use of colour: rugs, lamps and cushions.

Beatrice Mayfield is a textile designer specialising in hand-constructed, embellished and embroidered textile accessories. Pieces use a range of traditional techniques, stitches and processes with a high level of craftsmanship and contemporary design.

6 Tarleton Gardens SE23 3XN