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Patrick Myers

Hosted by Property In

  • 12-13 May & 19-20 May

Hi, my name is Patrick Myers, I’m a local photographer who specialises in interior photography.

The canvas on display for Artists’ Open House in Property In and The House of Tippler, is a panoramic I’ve been working on of the London skyline for almost a year now.

This image is the culmination of about 10 trips to the top of Dawson’s Heights also known rather grandly as the ‘Italian’ hill town in Dulwich, one of London’s most elevated vantage points. It needed suitably dramatic skys and the perfect light coming in under the clouds whilst avoiding casting shadows over the buildings. It’s taken many attempts to get this combination of conditions and to take a series of 9-10 images that are all pin sharp to be able to stitch them together to produce this panoramic.

On sale as a limited print run of 100 individually numbered copies only, available as a 60” x 13” (1.52m x 0.33m) canvas on a black floating wooden frame, so if you’re interested please feel free to contact me.

I hope you like the image and if you live in East Dulwich, can spot where your house?

All the best,


Property In, 133 Lordship Lane, SE22