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The Belham Primary School

  • 12-13 May & 19-20 May

Children’s artwork and the work of local artists.

Suzanne Pink

Suzanne Pink, a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, creates intricately detailed, textured images in ink and watercolour, inspired by classic tales, local landmarks and nature. Originals, editions and prints. Commissions accepted.

Lise Herud Braten, Karine Hilaire, Yukiko Hiromatsu & Amanda-Sue Rope

Handmade, functional and decorative ceramics. All artists are showing works exploring new techniques and colours in stoneware and porcelain.

John-Eric Johnson & Leonie Stanton

John-Eric Johnson produces contemporary, functional and decorative slipware in his ‘trademark’ blue and white. Leonie Stanton’s work addresses scale and permanence, balancing the tension between proportion, surface and form.