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An Interview with Georgie Scully

Can you talk a bit about your artistic background?

I studied an Art Foundation at Wimbledon College of Art and then went on to the Ceramic Design BA at Central Saint Martins.

How did you first become interested in ceramics?

I first became interested on a 3D rotation on my Art Foundation course. I had originally planned to do my final rotation in Costume Design but (luckily) changed my mind at the last minute to try ceramics.

Where do your ideas for your ceramics come from and what materials do you use?

My work is inspired by the urban city of London, using an industrial method of making. I am heavily influenced by the greys of the inner city and translating that into something functional and contemporary. All my pots are made from earthenware clay which is fired to a low stoneware temperature.

Can you talk about your process of working?

I slipcast all my tableware and home accessories in high-fired earthenware stained in different tones from black to white. Once cast, each piece is bisque fired, sanded with an extremely fine-grade paper, glazed on the inside only, and receives a final polish after its glaze firing. I enjoy creating an aesthetic and tactile contrast between the glazed interior and unglazed polished exterior. Slip casting is a known industrial method, though I intend to keep the handmade nature of each product, giving each piece a sense of soul with its own story. It’s important for me to offer variety of tones of functional pieces that are intended to be used and enjoyed daily.

What do you like about living in south-east London?

I have lived in south-east London all my life; it is my home. I love that my family and friends are in one place and I enjoy the freedom it brings me of being able to walk to and from the studio.

How long have you been involved in Artists’ Open House and what do you like about being part of it?

It’s a chance for people to see the work in person and it’s an important experience for me to receive feedback and see for myself how people are responding to the work.

What are you showing at this year’s Artists’ Open House?

I am showing my tonal spectrum of tableware and home accessories. Hope to see you there.

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