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Children’s Art Competition Winners 2021

Thank you to everyone who entered the children’s art competition this year. We recieved a greatly increased number of entries and the variety and standard of art-work was amazing.

Over the past year many of us have come to really appreciate the joy of being outside in fresh-air and close to nature. To reflect this our theme this year was ‘Spring’. We wanted to hear from young artists about how they saw and responded to the start of the seasonal year. 

The Festival judging team of Sid Robinson, Gulizar Cepoglu, Nigel Blackman and Louise Wood were delighted with your efforts and the high quality of the work. Thank you to the judges for their thoughtful consideration and continued support; it is greatly appreciated.

The Children’s Art Competition has once again kindly been supported by R.Woodfall in Lordship Lane; this has been a long-established collaboration and one for which the Festival and many young artists have been most thankful.

Please take a look at the winners’ gallery here and if you or a young person you know, has an idea of what the theme should be for next year’s competition, then why not tweet your idea to us @dulwichfestival

The competition is over but if this has inspired you to produce your own artistic response to this year’s theme we would love to see what you have done; just photograph and tweet to us or post on Instagram and tag #dulwichfestival

Keep creating and see you all next year!