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Dulwich Outdoor Gallery

short film with Amanda Greatorex

  • Art
  • Sunday 16 May, 3:00pm
  • Free

Amanda Greatorex would usually guide a walking tour of the murals around Dulwich as part of the Festival programme, so instead here she highlights a few favourites for us around East Dulwich. Featuring work by Stik, Remi Rough, Conor Harrington and Mad C, she shows how these contemporary artists interpreted Old Masters from Dulwich Picture Gallery. This was a daring concept from friend and colleague, Ingrid Beazley who founded the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery in 2012. With Amanda’s stewardship, we have two new murals from local artist Remi Rough produced during the last year of lockdown.

Premieres Sunday 16th May 3pm and available to view thereafter.

Amanda will return to live tours next weekend for more details check here

  • Art
  • Launches 16th May @ 3pm