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Interview with Nick Makoha – one of our Flash Fiction Competition judges

How did you become a writer?
Can I answer this in another way. I have been spending my life letting go of self imposed expectations and creating a space of purpose. I feel that I am of my best service to the world when I am am a writer. I realised this.

What inspires and/or motivates your writing?
What motivates me is that being a writer is a necessary activity despite the world view. In much the same way that breathing is necessary for the body or water for the earth. I quickly notice my deficiency when I withdraw from writing.

What are you working on currently?
I am working on my second poetry collection.

What advice would you give to someone attempting to write short fiction for the first time?
Practise the craft of writing daily with the same enthusiasm that a baby learns to work. Fail daily with no loss of power in the knowledge that the failure will lead to success.

Which book(s) or poem(s) would you suggest as being a good read during this time of social distancing?
Ok as far as poetry I would recommend Danez Smith – Homie, Roger Robinson – Portable Paradise – Safia Ehilillo – The January Children. Bernardine Evaristo  – Girl, Woman, Other and  Candice Carty-William’s Queenie:

Nick Makoha is a poet, playwright and creative entrepreneur.

The Festival Flash Fiction Competition 2020 was open to entries from adults and children alike, the story could be about anything of your choice. The deadline for entries was 5 to midnight on Friday 15th May 2020. For more details please see the entry instructions.

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