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Artists' Open House - Glass

Induja Bandara

Induja’s colourful, decorative and functional kiln fused glass pieces are practical and beautiful for the home and garden. She has upcycled and repurposed reclaimed glass for her ‘Glass […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Roast Designs

Roast is a boutique design studio making bespoke chandeliers and lighting with beautiful blown glass. Their sculptural designs transform spaces. They will be showing a range of designs […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Susan Lowe & Rommany Friends

Susan Lowe – bowls, jugs, vases, tiles and more. Exhibits regularly in Dulwich, West Norwood and in France. Alex Barrow – book illustrations and prints. Rachel Elston – […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Bruce Marks & Rakau London

Unique blown glass vessels, sculpture and turned wood by Bruce Marks, and beautiful bespoke live information signs, by Rakau, for any London bus or train stop, handmade in […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May

Stephanie Carlton Smith

Stephanie’s sculptures contain layers of meaning and reverberations, as light changes so the work changes.

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Hilary Woof

Hilary uses the vibrant colour and versatility of fused glass to create beautiful artworks, installations and practical items for everyday use.

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Oakfield Preparatory School

Collaborative and original group exhibition of six artists showing bespoke pieces using traditional methods: sculpture, mixed media, glass, digital art and photography. Join us for children’s art activities, […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May

Walters Way Art Collective

SOURCE MATERIALS, an exhibition of clay, glass, metal, paper and stone. New works of art and craft inspired by the natural world, displayed in a wooden house by […]

Artists' Open House11-12 May & 18-19 May
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