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Courtenay Kusitor

Abstract Artist

Courtenay Kusitor is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in Abstract Art. Her work draws its inspiration from Nature, Humanity and Mental Health. Courtenay has spent recent years developing a series of works around the theories of The Law of Attraction, Mindfulness and Living In The Present – she believes that if people are inspired to work on themselves, they will in turn affect the world around them.

However, like many, she worries about the state of the environment and the politics which govern our world so tries to express her personal and political thoughts through her artwork. Her main artistic mediums are inks and oils however, her new works include mixed media, 3D and digital works. Courtenay is a full time artist based in London and is working towards building up her art practice to keep developing what she believes is important work. She is giving 15% off all artworks on her website – use code: openhouse

View her website and follow her on Instagram.