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Marcelo Vergara Martinez

Marcelo Vergara Martinez. a young Chilean painter, studied in the prestigious Universidad de Concepción in Southern Chile. The work he is exhibiting in London has been, in his words, motivated by 1950s American expressionism and by an intention to explore and enjoy the conversion from a theme into an abstract depiction.

He perceives a dynamic line between the original perception of a subject, its storing in memory and a nearly automatic process in which the painter’s hand records it on the canvas. The painter sees himself as a witness of this process, watching with detachment what he sees a transit from reality to canvas. What drives him is an enjoyment of watching the process taking place.

His work presents the paradox of bending dimension from the very minimal to the suggestion of large spaces, all filtered through the individual vision of the painter that operates from a sense of solitude but also with references to the large spaces and a minimalist existence in his country on the extreme south of the planet. The abstract quality of his paintings invites a diversity of readings.

On display will be a number of Marcelo’s larger works, some reaching 2 metres wide, as well as his more recent smaller pieces.

Address: Oil & Water Contemporary Art​, 58b Ondine Road, SE15 4EB
Phone number: 07595 326 561
Opening times: Saturday 8th May – Sunday 16th May | 9am to 6pm


58b Ondine Road, SE15 4EB