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The Arkus Collective

  • 11-12 May & 18-19 May

Gabriela Szulman* | Fine art
Whimsical and surreal collages filled with humour, colour and evocative connections.

Daniel Preece* | Fine art
Atmospheric paintings celebrating the urban environment in a unique, vivid colour palette.

Odette Selva | Jewellery
Contemporary jewellery made and designed to create beautiful and sensual forms. Using ethically sourced and recycled materials, these timeless, stunning pieces will be cherished by the wearer for years to come.

Carole Jordan | Ceramics
Unique hand-built raku fired vessels inspired by travel. Original, elegant and tactile pieces.

Jess Quinn* | Fine art
Surreal paintings, filled with colour and pattern, that mix the magical and the mundane.

*Represented by Instagram:@kittoecontemporarylimited


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