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Unto This Last

Made on the high-street at mass-production prices.

Unto This Last purpose is to offer the convenience of the local craftsman workshop at mass-production prices.

Instead of buying furniture from a warehouse outside of town, the open workshop on the high-street showcases how furniture is being crafted as everything is made at the point of sales.

Having no stock allows to offer more than 100 product lines from a very small location. With finishes and sizes options providing a catalogue of more than 2,000 products. Unto This Last organisation simplifies logistics and cuts cost on warehousing, transportation or packaging. Prices proposed compete with mass-production on a considerably reduced footprint.

“Unto This Last” is the title of a book written in 1860 by John Ruskin. He advocated a return to local workshops, having some doubts about the human cost of the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to today’s technology, Unto This Last workshop makes distributed manufacturing happen – with a competitive edge.


Unto This Last, 2-6 Half Moon Lane, London SE24 9HU