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Post Box Happy – Dulwich’s Secret Yarn Bomber

Have you ever wondered who’s behind those fun and imaginative post box toppers you see around the area? Well, we can let you into a little secret, but only part of it as we wouldn’t want to spoil the intrigue, it’s Post Box Happy (sorry that’s all we can tell you or that would give the game away!).

We met, Post Box Happy, in a quiet café, anonymously, to have a chat. Would you believe that they have only been popping up on our local post boxes since June 2021?

So how did it all start? First they are crocheted and not knitted, as we had mistakenly thought, taught by her mum to crochet while expecting her first child, she found crocheting soon became her sanctuary. Inspired by children and making people happy, her very first creation was, of course, a family favourite – the ‘Up House’.

Even where they are placed is important, so each new design has to find its appropriate home, for instance ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ outside the bookshop on Half Moon Lane.

Currently there are 11 post box toppers, with another three ready to find their very own Post Box.

During the Dulwich Festival see if you can spot a crocheted Dulwich Festival logo on the toppers, take a picture, follow and tag @artistopenhse and @postboxhappy and we will choose one lucky winner to receive a lovely ‘crochet gift’ from Post Box Happy all of their own. Competition closing date is Monday 23rd May 2022.

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