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Dulwich Festival Children’s Art Competition 2024


My Community
Dulwich Festival invites children of all ages to enter this year’s Children’s Art Competition. This year’s competition is all about celebrating ‘My Community’.

We want to find out what ‘My Community’ means to you… It could be about the area that you live in, your school, your sports team or favourite club you attend, your place of worship or the people that make your community – your family or friends.

Entry requirements

There are four age group categories: Under 5s, 5 to 7, 8 to 11 and 12 to 18 years old.

The artwork should be two dimensional, a maximum size of A3 and any of the following techniques can be used: drawing, painting, collage, any printing technique, textile art or mixed media.

This year all entries will be submitted online via this form. Please keep originals, as those entries that are shortlisted may be asked to provide the original for final judging. Only one entry allowed per child.

Competition Entry Deadline: 26th April 2024


1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes in each category will be vouchers to spend at the Art Stationers in Dulwich Village. Prize-winners will have their artwork displayed in the window of R Woodfall on Lordship Lane and on the Dulwich Festival website.

How to Enter

You will need to submit a photo of the work via our submit entry page. The form allows a parent, guardian, teacher or club leader to submit multiple entries for different children; please only submit one entry per child artist; if you are a teacher or club leader please make sure that you have the parent or guardians permission and that their details are correct. We encourage that the subject of the art work has been chosen by the child rather than provided by an adult as part of a group art class. Click here to access the form and submit your entry. If you haven’t used the submit website before you will be asked to register.
Photographing your art work:
When photographing your work indoors, do so in a room with plenty of windows and natural light. Some artists prefer to photograph their work outdoors in the early morning or when it is cloudy or overcast, as indirect sunlight provides the best lighting. It is best not to use flash photography indoors or out.
Hang your work (try using blue or white tack) at a height where the middle of your piece will be parallel to where your camera will be—either on a tripod or resting sturdily on a table or other surface. Photograph against a neutral coloured background. Try to take the photograph so that the picture fills the frame with no or minimum borders ensure it is centred and the image is not distorted because it has been photographed from an angle. Choose hi-resolution. You may crop the photograph before you submit the entry if you wish.


The competition is open to all Children age 0-18.
The work must be solely made by the Child named as the artist.
You can use any technique: drawing, painting, collage, any printing technique, textile art, mixed media.

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