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How to Be the Grown-up by Dr Martha Deiros Collado

  • Literature
  • Sunday 12 May, 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • £12

Join Dr Martha Deiros Collado, a child psychologist with over 20 years of experience, talking about How to be the Grown-up, an empowering must-have toolkit for all parents tackling the many modern-day challenges of raising children.

Dr Collado tackles everything from how to talk about honesty and lies, death, co-parenting, consent, gender, attachment, and boundaries, as well as the small but critical day-today challenges parents face, helping them to become the ‘grown-up’ they want to be around their child.

Supported by Dulwich Books

Tickets £12 (plus Eventbrite booking fees)

The Old Library, Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, SE21 7LD
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  • Ticket: £12
  • Literature
  • Sunday 12th May
    5pm - 6pm
  • The Old Library, Dulwich College, Dulwich Common, SE21 7LD

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