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Bell House

Group Exhibition

  • 14-15 May & 21-22 May

Bell House hosts ‘Ways of Seeing: Green’, an exhibition of works of art exploring the meaning of ‘green’ to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of John Berger’s iconic television series Ways of Seeing. Berger encouraged us to look at the world differently and to consider how meaning and ideology are conveyed through visual media.

Green plays a huge part in our lives, representing nature, renewal and our environment. It is linked with ideas of politics, relaxation, health, and being fresh or unprocessed. At a time when we are all encouraged to go green, it is the perfect colour for the curators Lucy Bainbridge, Alison Green, Ky Lewis, Benjamin Rice and Kim Thornton to examine. More than 30 artists have been invited to present their view of green in all its different contexts using a variety of media.


Bell House 27 COLLEGE ROAD SE21 7BG