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Hosted by Dulwich Prep London

  • 11-12 May & 18-19 May

Dulwich Prep London, soon to be Dulwich Prep & Senior from September 2024, is delighted to be the Proud Partner of Artists’ Open House for the second year running.

This year, the school will host a collaborative exhibition at 35 Alleyn Park featuring three artists, Jonathan McCree, Ian Robinson and Serena Rowe, also parents of children at the school.

The three diverse artist practices are complemented by pupil work made in workshops led by the artists and a documentary film researched and produced by the children in response to the artists’ work.

With the educational setting at its heart, the exhibition of painting, drawing, sculpture and film presents a range of art practice pathways and possibilities and, with the support of the school’s Art Department, demonstrates how pupils have been encouraged to explore new experiences in their own work.

Serena Rowe
Serena Rowe is a British figurative artist whose work is founded on direct observations from Nature. She uses still life painting as a portal to explore feelings and ideas around mortality, memory and female experience.

Jonathan McCree
Jonathan McCree is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with painting, sculpture, film and performance. Based in South East London, Jonathan has exhibited and is collected internationally. He is represented by Sim Smith Gallery.

Ian Robinson
Ian Robinson is a painter whose work revels in the collected material found in museum collections, libraries, second-hand shops, auctions, private collections, and UK pop culture. His work captures passions and sacred possessions.


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