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Kingswood Arts

  • 11-12 May & 18-19 May

12 artists will be exhibiting their work at the stunning Kingswood Arts, a 19th Century house based in the middle of Kingswood estate, which is now home to a community arts centre offering free and affordable classes! Come and view the wide selection of art while enjoying the stunning interiors of this local mansion.

Slavica Struthers-Kennedy
Jewellery designer and maker of silver jewellery.
Stitches & Seams
Custom womenswear.
Corin Ashleigh-Brown
Mosaic replicas and modern mosaics on contemporary themes.
Louise C. Galizia
Oil landscapes, portraits and still lifes.
Paula Mary
Mixed media abstract collages and paintings.
Jonny Kemp
Portraits in fine liner pen and oils.
Besnik Mehmed
Abstract, fine art landscape and cityscape photographer.
Alice Alderman
Artist, illustrator.
Claud Binns
Representational paintings in acrylic and oils.
Tessa Newmark
Miniature 3D scenes.
Ana Gallego
Watercolour architectural paintings.
Ned Bennett
Stained, painted and leaded glass.


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