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The Tipping Point

Hosted by Bell House

  • 11-12 May & 18-19 May

The tipping point may arrive seemingly out of the blue as a slight change heralding a new way forward. It can be magical or malevolent. More than 40 artists in six individually curated spaces will examine different kinds of tipping points, both minor and major, literal and metaphorical. The boundaries may be blurred and hard to recognise or individual and diverse. Using painting, photography, ceramics, film, printmaking, sculpture and installation processes the artists will explore this theme from subtle metamorphoses to irreversible defining moments. This multi-disciplinary approach will investigate different ideas of what is a tipping point and whether it is always bad.

Min Angel / Lucy Soni
Lucy Bainbridge
Léonie Cronin
Monika Kita
Sarah Sparkes / Jane Millar
Kim Thornton

Bell House projects will also be on view including the Pottery, the Quilt Academy, Artist in Residence open studio and a chance to see The Garage Press (letterpress printing) in action.


Bell House 27 COLLEGE ROAD SE21 7BG
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